Hello everyone!

     I am Dmitrii Oleinik. I am a photographer with 7 years of experience based in Southern California. My experience ranges from all types of photoshoots from weddings, products and lifestyle photography, and anything in between. My goal has always been to capture special and memorable moments, one photo at a time. 

     Upon my arrival to the US from Vladivostok, Russia, I was forced to grow from a hesitant and humble boy to an individual with a clear vision to achieve the "impossible". My experience in wedding and lifestyle photoshoots in Russia gave me the opportunity to join the local club of photo lovers in Dalnegorsk and admissions to the lyceum of VGUES. My work has also been recognized by many people in Russia, which further helped me to develop a passion for being a specialty photographer. 

     Moving to New York City at the end of 2019 has opened many doors and opportunities for me. Coming from a small city with just a suitcase and having to learn a foreign language, my experience as a photographer has allowed me to appreciate new cultures and diversity. Appreciation for diversity and cultures has allowed me to strive for uniqueness and inclusivity through my lenses, as my portfolio reflects. My passion for travel combined with photography has allowed me to explore many nature-oriented places and world cultures present in the US and capture beautiful people, moments and breath-taking views!. 

     I enjoy creating memorable photos for everyone. Whether it's a couple' journey to a lifelong marriage, a family's story or a lifestyle photo session at the beach, I am happy to be part of your next photo session and capture beautiful moments in your life. I am a traveler and enjoy exploring different places, thus I am happy to travel anywhere in the United States for any type of photoshoots, whether it's a city environment or nature. 

     Please contact me if you have any questions. I am happy to assist.

dimaoleynikvl@gmail.com  |  +1 (917)-346-6285